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Dry shampoo: tips for using it well without damage …

Dry shampoo is sometimes criticized for the itching and other annoyances it can cause. Failing to boycott it, it is important to know in which cases to use it. Lucia Iraci, a Parisian hairdresser, disentangles the good from the bad.

Pointed out by UK users, dry shampoois he really guilty of the irritations and itching he is accused of? Often touted by brands as an essential accessory of the vanity estival, this hair product comes in the form of a spray to use to space out shampoos. Therein lies the crux of the matter. In reality, this spray cannot replace the good old washing shampoo. The itching, irritation and pimples that it causes in some users would then be more related to errors of use.

The mistake that is sometimes made is to believe that dry shampoo washes the hair, says Lucia Iraci, a Parisian hairdresser. “There is a new trend of not washing your hair and using dry shampoo. But the problem is, dry shampoo is just a powder that absorbs sebum,” she recalls.

Therefore, it is quite understandable that the scalp might itch if the hair has not been washed for a long time. “It can be itchy since you put a powder on a scalp that is dirty. It’s as if in the morning you put powder on the face to clean it.” Faced with this unappealing idea, the solution finally seems as simple as a ponytail: wash your hair with shampoo to clean the scalp.

Dry shampoo to add volume or absorb oil

It would be pointless to trust the marketing promises sold by certain dry shampoos, such as “purifies and eliminates” or “cleans without washing”. Therefore, the question arises of knowing what to do with your dry shampoo? According to our hairdresser, it must be reserved for specific uses.

“It is used to style on washed and clean hair”, explains Lucia Iraci. It is then used to give volume and not to wash the hair, in the evening for example.

Another tip: use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil in her hair, if we had a heavy hand. “But then you have to brush, the dry shampoo must not be left on the scalp”, specifies Lucia Iraci.

On the application side, how is it going? “Spray the product all over the hair. Leave on for one to two minutes then massage your head. Then brush to remove the excess powder.” A problematic gesture for curly heads who have to sacrifice their waves a little …

To diehards who consider dry shampoo to be a softer option for washing hair under water, Lucia Iraci brings out an unstoppable argument: “water does not attack the scalp. It is the nature of shampoo that may be poorly tolerated by some scalps and make it sensitive. ”

Let it be said, dry shampoo should be an alternative to washing very occasionally, in troubleshooting. “Dry shampoo makes the hair opaque and dull, so it’s best to use it if you really don’t have time to wash your hair,” advises Lucia Iraci.

Moreover, it is not only dry shampoo that is the victim of misuse. Shampoo can also be misused. Lucia Iraci gives a little reminder: “Apply a little shampoo, not too much, on the hair without rubbing because this weakens the hair. Everything must be done with delicacy. And there is no need for it to foam. Then think about massaging. scalp and rinse thoroughly “.

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