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Dry hair: drying is also important

Because dry hair tends to get tangled, adopting a good technique to dry it will have the effect of avoiding frizz but also of disciplining an often rebellious hair.

“Beautiful hair is above all hair with enough volume and very brilliant, remarks Olivier Lebrun, hairdresser creator Garnier Fructis. In order to prevent the hair from becoming dull, heavy and without holding, we take care to rinse it well after each shampoo. “But also to pre-towel dry it, before using the dryer. This prevents the heat does not damage them more, and limits the side too sparkling or electric, really embarrassing to style.

The right drying technique

As the dry hair tangle in general more easily, one is also careful to brush it carefully, continues the hairdresser. Especially at the level of the ends, more damaged and split. We therefore smooth the lengths in the direction of the scales. “The ideal is to use a nozzle on your hair dryer. This will prevent the hairstyle from being too tousled with the hot air from the diffuser”, specifies the hairdresser. And if the hair tends to be electric, we take the initiative: we limit the heat of the dryer and we avoid using a comb and plastic brush.

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